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Home box Storage Box Plastic Finishing Cabinet Wardrobe Office Home Storage Box Drawer Storage Cabinet plastic closet at the cheapest price in Pakistan.The characteristics of the plastic storage box /home box / plastic drawer are that the upper and lower covers are connected, the buckles are buckled, the movable handles are inserted into the grooves, the carrying is convenient, plastic storage box /home box / plastic drawer with the great shape  beautiful and elegant design, and the new trend is met.
2, the advantages of plastic storage box is durable, and not afraid of water, good scrubbing.
3, the edge is smooth and no burr, the inverted buckle prevents the drawer from falling, the drawer is smooth, does not hurt the hand.
4. The top edge of the groove to prevent objects from falling.
5, sturdy and thick, good load bearing, classified storage, easy to take.
6, long service life, good sealing, anti-organic solvent and acid-base corrosion, non-toxic characteristics.
1. The plastic material is easy to dry and crack in a dry climate, avoiding exposure to the sun for a long time.
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