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Kids Double Sided Standing Art Easel – Easel board white board black board Dry-Erase Board & Chalkboard Drawing Board Learning Educational Toys for Children Toddlers at the cheapest price in Pakistan .

Baby land.biz presents An art easel is an excellent addition in your kid’s room. Though it may take up valuable space on the floor, it’s a worthwhile investment to your child with many benefits that will help him unleash their creativity. Also, an easel is inviting with a large surface area that can keep multiple kids busy while holding all the accessories. Although there’s potential for cleaning up a lot of mess after playtime, your toddler will be encouraged to scribble, draw, scribble, write and paint at eye-level perspective. Besides, your child will build muscle groups, hand-eye coordination, and motor skills. There are many easels in the market today, and it might be difficult to choose the one that suits your toddler. The 2 Side multifunctional easel with a double-sided surface is a perfect choice for your aspiring artist. The product is easy to set up and easy to assemble and keep away when not in use. It’s a durable product that the young one can use in his toddler years to explore his creativity. The 2 side Easel features two large surface areas that your toddler and a sibling or friend can use for double fun and creativity. This product features a chalkboard side and a magnetic dry erase board making it an excellent starter choice for the little artist who is discovering the world of art.

Some articles are Comes with two large boards with one side being a standard chalkboard while the other features a metallic dry erase side giving your little artist a variety of options. Your young one will love doodling on the surface of the Step2 easel and discover the joy of using a variety of media to create artwork.

Additionally, the young artist can use colored chalks and whiteboard markers to express his ideas making it an excellent choice for solo play and play dates.

And Some are 360° Rotate Whiteboard & Chalkboard: The 360° free rotate drawing board facilitates switching chalkboard and whiteboard at any angel. Board Surface can attract eraser and beads, which is also easy to wipe clean. Cute paper clips allow your budding artist to draw on paper without the limitation of type

Very user-friendly design, installation and disassembly can be completed in just one or two minutes

The large space storage tray and 2 cups allow children to place all the painting tools in good place during the drawing process.

The height from the base of the stand to the top of the drawing board is 88 cm, making it easy for children to craft, draw, color or paint easily.

Portable Handle & Large Tray for More Fun: Thanks for comfortable handle and detachable design, kids can take easel off the frame to use it as a handheld drawing board and carry on drawing creation anywhere. Large tray is convenient for kids to place chalks, cups, markers, eraser, beads and other art accessories included in package.

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